DYB club – club for companies owners

The key idea of DYB club is to create Advisory Boards for club members. DYB club is unique environment in which formed conditions for development and scaling your business.

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How to join DYB club? To study at the Club Advisory Board Program (only for owners and co-owners of companies). The program is in partnership with the Swedish Institute of Management IFL Entrepreneur. After the program, you will have access to the Advisory Board workshops and will be able to enjoy other privileges of the club member.

How to become DYB club guest? Possibly, if you are the owner or co-owner of the company. Open DYB club’s meeting is an true intellectual feast and networking. Well-known and bright experts take part in discussion panels as well. Guest of DYB club are progressive company owners from the biggest towns in Ukraine. DYB club Board reserves the right to accept guest participation.

3-4 November 2017

Workshop Owners and top managers

How to build a relationship between owners and top managers? Interactive workshop by Inna Saxe (Stockholm)

Inna Saxe - CEO of Bra samarbete INSA company. CoreCode International Partner. Communication expert in teams, expert boards. Certified expert on Radical Collaboration, which includes the Harvard method for resolving conflicts. Inna is an international expert on interpersonal communications, communication in teams, creating a motivational climate, delegation.

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