Advisory Board. Your company - five key points

DYB | Develop Your Business is the Swedish-Ukrainian project for company owners. Educational programs of DYB and DYB club are a unique environment in which the conditions for the development and scale of business are formed. We professionally create Advisory Boards and strategic development of companies.

About us

Advisory Board

Program for the owner in the format of the Advisory Board

The program helps answer key owner issues: partnership, company capitalization, governance transfer, system development. And as a result – to scale business. The Advisory Board is the best tool for making sophisticated strategic decisions.

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Company DNA

Program for owners and top managers. The author is Igor Gut

The main themes of program are efficient business model, competitive product and strong brand. Igor Gut engage them in one model – Company DNA. It allows you to reverse competitors and make progress. Simple, systematically and interesting.

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3-4 November 2017

Workshop Owners and top managers

How to build a relationship between owners and top managers? Interactive workshop by Inna Saxe (Stockholm)

Inna Saxe - CEO of Bra samarbete INSA company. CoreCode International Partner. Communication expert in teams, expert boards. Certified expert on Radical Collaboration, which includes the Harvard method for resolving conflicts. Inna is an international expert on interpersonal communications, communication in teams, creating a motivational climate, delegation.

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